Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Billy Corgan to Perform At Che Cafe

All you old Smashing Pumpkins fans are just wetting yourselves, aren't you? You heard Billy Corgan is playing the Che Cafe and just absolutely have to see the man in the tiniest space so you can smell his sweat, maybe even get a drop on you?

Well, here's the deal straight from the Che:

Billy Corgan with Spirits in the Sky (featuring ex-Electric Prunes...) on August 30th at the Che Cafe.

Tickets go on sale Thursday August 20th, 5PM-8PM at the Che for $30 each.

There is a limit to 2 tickets per person and names (for both tickets) must be provided.

So there you have it. I hear his drummer is 19 and the set is a tribute to Sky Saxon, but Twitter rumors are just that...rumors. I still have to say this isn't nearly as awesome as when Zack De La Rocha played with Inside Out after Rage got huge, but that's just me...this is still pretty awesome for you uber fans out there. (Oh, wait, George Varga posted about this earlier. See what happens when I'm off the grid??)


Juicekey said...

move to sf!! plees el..pleesel

Unknown said...

yes his drummer is 19