Monday, August 03, 2009

Band of Skulls, Live at X1FM. 7.31.09

Band of Skulls performed live at on Friday before their Casbah show. I knew that since I was working at the Casbah that night, and knowing that Transfer and Apes of Wrath could sell out the Casbah on their own, I wouldn't really get the opportunity to see the band, so Jeff and I went to the Open Door Session in National City. Since the show was earlier than most Open Doors, there were just a few of us there, but we were blown away by Band of Skulls and the performance they delivered. I normally wouldn't video there because the station does such a good job of editing the videos and allowing me to post them, but they might take a few days and I hope that if anyone is contemplating checking them out as they continue to tour that you are won over by this video. Do not miss this band.

I will mention that the show that night was just as packed as I expected so I could really only hear the show in pieces from the patio but it was an amazing night from all three bands and the party that ensued after was pretty damn cool, too.

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