Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comic Com 2009 (a post by Petro)

Man so I’m a bit late on posting this I know, but for good reason. So I went to see Julia and Julia, and it was so amazing, and so moving, and I was just so touched that I decided to do a similar thing of my own. I decided to cook my way through the Anarchists cookbook. Well to make a long story short, the “officer” was very very rude to me, and he didn’t even know what Julia and Julia was. In my defense the “fire” really wasn’t what they called a “blaze” and really if the place had the proper sprinkler system in place, and proper ventilation we wouldn’t even be talking about this. Uhhhh… As for Comic Con, it ended much, much better, but lets start at the beginning. Keep reading after the jump!

So Eric and I decided to play hooky from work when a friend of ours said he could sneak us in, but that it might be tricky. Eric and I borrowed some costumes from friends and went about sneaking in through the loading dock in the back of the convention center. Eric was dressed like Obi Wan Kenobi, though some asshole we met kept referring to him as Ben, and I was dressed as C-3PO. His outfit was pretty cool, just a brown robe really, but mine was kinda lame. It was a gold lame’ shirt and leggings from American Apparel. Supper tight, and my junk was totally there for everyone to see. Very embarrassing! So anyways, we’re cruzing along fine, and then we get to the door behind the concession stand and this huge security guard looks at us. For whatever reason Eric waves his hand in front of the guy and say “these aren’t the droids your looking for,” I guess it was from Star Trek or something. Anyways, the guy didn’t even care and we were in!

So the place was insano, and super cool and we saw waaaayyyy to much stuff, but let me give you the highlights. So one of my missions was to buy Kris a Ugly Doll, and man did I try, we looked everywhere for a cool one but there were none to be had, its only Friday people, bring more stuff!!! I ended up getting her a pretty cool hoody at Giant Robot. The we went to see a very cool artist and a very cool guy named Cody Vrosh. He along with Sheatiel Sarao put out a very cool book The Irrelevant Redemption: A Steampunk Fairytale on their own Binary Winter label. Very cool stuff, and definitely worth checking out! Cody also makes rad tee’s and Eric picked up a very cool one for Camille.

After this it was on to serious comic book, uhhh I mean graphic novel hunting. Comics are for kids. We checked out sooo much stuff but the standouts were: first up, of course as always Bob The Angry Flower. Really great stuff, definitely check it out if you can. Seriously, the level of insanity of those strips is nothing short of amazing, truly, he is an angry, angry flower. I also saw one of my favorites Sam Hiti who had a Prolog to his new book Death Day (anxiously awaiting!). We also ran into Randall Christopher, who’s new book Fox and Bear is amazing, check it out as soon as you can! We are far too lucky to have him in our little burb.

Well, after all the madness that was comic con, we headed to grab a beer downtown and leer at scantly clad young women passing by in their Princess Leah slave outfits, or Sailor Moon outfits, or Silk Specter 2 outfits or… uhhh anyways, so yeah we had a beer… I think. We soon bumped into Rosey, who with here very own, and very real, “superpowers,” got us into a True Blood happy hour. It was amazing, and we really can’t thank her enough. Free Stella, fried zucchini and fangs, all a fan boy could ever hope for! A lovely finish, to a lovely day.

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