Thursday, August 27, 2009

Street Scene is Finally Here (Almost)

So Street Scene 2009 is finally here (almost). You bought your pre-sale tickets. You waited to see if someone good was playing before you bought your tickets. You waited to see if you could win tickets. You found out ticket prices dropped. Whatever your scenario, the weekend (and this stupid heat wave) is here and it's time to get excited. Call me lame, but most of the bands I'm excited for I've already seen, some numerous times, but my plan is to not have a plan, which should allow me to run around and catch some of the bands I've never seen before. That said, there are plenty of guides out there that you should check out before you hit the pavement this weekend.

Here's a shortlist of Street-Scene resources:

Official Street Scene Website

Street-Scene Lineup/Stage Times

CityBeat's "Under The Radar" Picks

SignOnSanDiego's Comprehensive Guide

Chickrawker's Schedule & Band Info

Too Sunny Out Here's Band Recommendations

I woke up last night dreaming that my tickets weren't available and I was running all over town trying to get the right people so I could get in. Not fun, but hopefully not true, either.

Anyway, it's gonna be a scorcher, even still, I stand by my anti-flip flop stance for festivals. Make sure you read all the lists of allowed items vs restricted items so you don't get stuck with an extra trip back to your car.

Oh, and for everyone on Twitter: I'm @sddialedin, but you should follow @Street-Scene, @Chickrawker, @TooSunnyOutHere, @CasbahSanDiego, @PylesTE, @FM949, and a slew of others for updates. Also, don't forget to mark your Street Scene tweets #SS09.

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