Thursday, August 13, 2009

Josh Damigo Tour Diary: Day 2

This morning was weird because I woke up not knowing where I was. After the fog lifted, I realized that this was Chicago, and I was on tour… What a great feeling! There’s not much better than realizing that you are actually doing it. (Was that the first positive thing I’ve said on the trip so far? Possibly…)Click 'keep on reading' for the rest of the diary.

Anyways, My tour manager and I go and grab lunch with a friend. I had already polished off what was left of my Subway sandwich, so I didn’t eat much. I jumped into a GAP store and stole a spray of cologne, grabbed a large iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts and started looking for a guitar shop. We walked about an hour and finally found one. They were wicked nice, and sold me the strings at half price.

I called Kevin Hellman from Citybeat to thank him for the North Park Music Thing. I think he did an absolute great job, and I learned a lot. A train rolled overhead when I called him, and he was cool about it, even though I’m sure it was the most annoying thing to hear over the phone. (I always get nervous calling people randomly. I feel like they’ll get annoyed, but he was wicked rad and we agreed to do lunch when I got back to town.) Our local San Diego media is so much better than other cities. They are much more approachable and really don’t have as much ego as other cities. I mean, the other day, I started up a conversation on music with Michael Halloran from FM 94/9. I actually didn’t know who he was, and he talked to me like we were old buddies. After I found out who he was, I ran over EVERYTHING I said, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t look too green/stupid.

Eventually, we caught a cab, and drove to a radio interview I had with Fearless Radio, and independent, online radio station. ( They were super kind, and we talked about music and politics and sports and older women with red hair. (I’m a fan… Sigmund Freud says it’s cause my mom is a red head… I dunno if I spelled his name wrong, but I’m sure he’d be okay with it.)

From there, we went to the venue. I interrupted Billy Bushwalla’s photo shoot to give him a hug and tease him about not calling me back from a few days ago. He later would make fun of me for making fun of him… He’s extremely good at turning things around on ya. I am too, but he trumps me with little effort. I met the guys from this Midwest band called MAKESHIFT PRODIGY. Go check them out now. They’re like Howie Day singing Dashboard Confessional. (At least that’s what they sound like acoustic, I hear that full band they’re much better.)
I got up and played the show first. I feel like I did really well, but no matter how good people tell you that you did, you always pick it apart as a musician. Apparently I drop a lot of names, because I was told so by a lot of people. For some reason I felt like I needed to prove myself, and I tried doing that by using the “cool by association” method. Needless to say, they don’t play that game here in Chicago. And they let me know…

I watched the bands play and got up and sang the last song with Singer/Songwriter Todd Carey, Bushwalla , and my new friend Brian. (He’s in a band, but he never told me what the name was. This is not related to the name-dropping incident, it’s just a coincidence; besides, name-dropping should be acceptable if it’s your own band; unless you get kicked out and they make it big without you. Then don’t do tell anyone, cause that’s dumb and probably more embarrassing then cool…. And chances are you didn’t really write all the songs that you’re saying you did…) Anyways, the show was fun, and everyone was so nice!

Made a couple bucks, sold a couple albums, but more importantly, I had about 30 sign up on the mailing list. Many bands don’t realize that mailing lists can be more important than CD sales, because a repeat customer is better than a one-time buyer. (You’re welcome for that info.)
Now I’m laying on an air mattress at a friend’s house trying to sleep. I’m going to get 4 hours then we’re driving to Indianapolis. Miss you, San Diego! Love you guys so much!

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