Friday, August 14, 2009

San Diego Cat Killers! WTF!?

A little over 2 weeks ago our beloved "Stanley" went missing from our home in University City. We speculated on everything from big ass raccoons which had been getting into the garage lately, to a coyote, which we know killed one of our cats a long time ago to possibly a cat nabber who just had to have him. I put up missing signs and found other signs, a talked with neighbors and heard of other missing cats in the area. I've even seen missing cat signs in Clairemont on my way to/from work. Then 2 days ago more signs went up pointing at something much more sinister claiming there wass no coyote, but in fact a cat killer in our neighborhood. I did some searching on the interwebs and came across a month old story on the SD Reader site about mutilated cat findings in North Park. I know felines are a favorite fuck-with toy for sociopaths, but is it this rampant and I just never heard or noticed before? Is there a roaming cat killer in San Diego or does every area just have their own? Is this the Summer of Sam cat-style or what? I don't know what to think, but we've set up a site for University City missing cats and an e-mail, but this can include any info from any area in town.

If you have heard/seen/read/know anything that might be of some help please leave a comment, visit the site, shoot over an e-mail. Thanks and keep your kitties close.

UC Cat Watch



catdirt said...

well, if someone was smart & motivated step one would be to create a map-using google maps, to see where these are happening- look for a geographical pattern. Then hopefully you could get the cops to look up juveniles in the area- probably guys(juvenile records are not accessible by the public). the perpetrator of these crimes is likely a teenage boy.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

This is legit. Devlin just told me about it last night at the Ken Club and said three of the cats have turned up decapitated. Some sick person, most likely a kid, is out there doing this to people's pets and it is sickening. Someone has to know him and report him.

MaryH said...

I had four cats until about two months ago. They were all indoor/oudoor except one who was exclusively outdoor because we got a dog a few years ago and he decided he would stay outside. All of our cats have disappeared without a trace.

The first cat to disappear about two months ago was Rojito. He was a big, beautiful fluffy, medium-haired orange tabby. He was so beautiful and had such a wonderful personality that we thought someone has stolen him so we looked around the neighborhood and asked our neighbors about him, but to no avail.

The second cat to disappear about a month ago was Princess. She
was full-grown but small. She was primarily white with some grey and was extremely sweet. We figured an owl or hawk got her because she was so small and would be easy to spot.

Rojito and Princess we got at the same time from the Humane Society as kittens. They were about 2 years old and did like to wander but also hung around the house. Because of their "wandering tendencies" their disappearance is somewhat easier to take - somewhat.

Last week was the clincher. We lost our cat, Rodney whom we'd had for 11 years. This is the one that stayed outside except in the winter when he'd sleep in my older son's room. This cat was a survivor. He knew how to live outside when it was hot, cold or rainy. He loved people and other cats but was afraid of dogs so he knew how to run and hide. This is what makes me think that whoever got our cats was a person not a coyote or what have you because Rodney was not afraid of people. He was a fixture in our neighborhood and his disappearance has affected not only our family (my husband and three children) but the other families in the neighborhood who loved him too.

We have one cat left. I think he has lasted so long because he spends most of his time indoors sleeping and he's all black. We are keeping him very close to home when we do let him out.

Finally, we have lived in UC for almost 30 years and in this particular house for 15 years. It's been a long time since I've heard coyotes in the neighborhood so I'm skeptical that that's what it is - despite what Animal Control and my vet think. Also, we have a dog that sleeps downstairs at night and barks at anything suspicious. He hasn't been barking. It's very eery to walk around the neighborhood and see no cats at all. I want to do something but don't know what - aside from putting signs up - which mysteriously get taken down.