Saturday, August 08, 2009

NPMT: Avi Buffalo

I wasn't part of the planning for NPMT at all, but I was asked my opinion about some LA bands and had a very small part in contacting some L.A. peeps. Of the dozen or so bands I actually suggested, two were selected. Unfortunately one of those bands, Local Natives, had a scheduling conflict and had to decline the invite, but the other one is someone I'm really stoked to see.

I heard about Avi Buffalo one night when I was working at the Casbah. I got to talking to a guy who's in a band called Tommy Santee Klaws and he asked if I'd heard of Avi, told me he was some sorta high school prodigy, and that he had been working on a demo and was already generating some buzz in LA (and some association with Beck but I'm not sure what exactly). Anyway, he ran to his car, handed me a CD and told me to rip it into my iTunes. I'm glad I did, and after you see Avi Buffalo on Sunday, I hope you can be glad about my chance meeting, too.

<a href="">What's In It For by Avi Buffalo</a>

<a href="">Distaste and Interest by Avi Buffalo</a>

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