Monday, August 03, 2009

NPMT is This Weekend!!

There's a certain friendly competition among internet geeks. Everyone wants "firsties", the first to announce exclusive information before anyone else has it, the first to call something "the next big thing" before it is so, the first to hear a new record or know of a new bar and on and on. I play the game, too. I don't care. It's fun. And Twitter makes it easy.

But there are also things where I am happy to step aside. The ever-faithful blogging queen, Lyn, over at Chickrawker beat me to the punch on a big NPMT guide. And honestly, she was so thorough, the best advice I have to give about managing your North Park music thing is to check out her guide. Whether you're in a band or not, the panels are really interesting (though probably no major onstage squabbles this year).

I also planned on doing a full list of bands to see, but all that information is here and after last year, the best advice I can give for the most part is pick a venue and stick with it or be completely flexible about who you want to see. It's a really fun weekend no matter where you end up, and come Sunday, you can kick back and just enjoy the street fair.

The last thing I have to say about North Park Music Thing, since you've read this far, is that I have ONE PAIR of wristbands to give away for the weekend. I know times are tough (believe me, I know) and I'd like to give them to someone worthy. Email and tell me why you deserve the wristbands and I'll select a winner on Thursday. Tell me about how you tour bus broke down on the way to SXSW, the jail you were thrown into while touring, the weirdest gig you've ever played. If you're not a musician, tell me why you're worthy and why you deserve to attend. Send with Subject: NPMT. Good luck!!

It's not too late to register, so if you don't win, buy your tickets now.

North Park Music Thing

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