Saturday, August 15, 2009

Josh Damigo Tour Diary: Day 4

Woke up the next morning and was supposed to meet Landon at the venue at 10:30. He however, slept in on accident and I had to get a taxi ride to the hotel that Kitty had arrived at. My friends “Makeshift Prodigy” were playing a gig for a gaming convention, and we got to chill with them for their sound check. After hanging out with them, a few dungeon and dragon peeps, (Which I am pretty used too after hanging out at LeStats), and a few other characters from comic books we’ve never heard of, we set out on the road for Covington, KY. For more, click 'keep on reading'.

My grandparents live about two hours away, and since my mother was there visiting, we decided to leave early and see them. I restrung my guitar and we all sat around talking about music. I ended up playing them two songs. My new single “Shooting for the Sun”, and Chris Tomlin’s “My Chains are Gone”. They liked Chris’s song and said that my song was… different… A lot of people don’t know that my family did and some of them still don’t want me to do music. But the longer you do it, and the more successful you get, the more they come to accept it. It was really a good feeling when they told me they were praying for me and wished me success.

We jumped back in the car and got to the venue around 7:00. (The Blue Bar) After a quick sound check, we realized one of their speakers was blown. We ended up just scrapping it, and using the other speaker at twice the volume to play the show. Landon Keller opened up around 10:30, and really laid down a great show. Somewhere in the middle of the show, I realized that the venue had Wi-Fi, and we grabbed my laptop and set up an impromptu webcast. Because of this we added about 25 more members of the audience. They really enjoyed it, and I played my hour and a half set, and we closed out the bar. The place was really artsy, and if I lived in town, I’d be there all the time. A really great vibe!

After we loaded the car, we started the two-hour drive back to Indianapolis. We got to the house at around 4:30, and slept for a little bit. I started feeling like I had a cold coming on, but we’ll see how it feels in the morning. I’ll be playing at Uncommon Ground in Chicago, tonight. If you have friends in Chicago, feel free to invite them! J

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