Monday, August 17, 2009

Josh Damigo Tour Diary: What I learned on tour...

I finished off my 6 hour nap, and headed over to LeStats to see Lisa Sanders and Molly Jenson. I started thinking about what to type during my blog that would be a good overview of the tour, and what I really learned.

The first thing I learned is that the "touring musician" lifestyle is completely doable. It always seemed like it was something I'd have to wait for a record label to back me before I could get out and go. But I really feel like the last week has just been an appetizer to what I'm about to do. My new goal is by 2010, be out on the road full time.

The second thing is that no matter how far I go, San Diego is my home. Every venue was nice, but none of them compare to my LeStats. I almost feel like I should just stay here, and tell my fans outside of Cali to "suck it up" and just come to San Diego! There really is "no place like home".

I learned not to listen to Nickelback, because they will piss me off, and make me miss my exits.

Always be business minded. Even when hanging out with friends on tour, you have to put music first, or no one will take you seriously. If you treat music like a hobby, it will be a hobby. So treat it like a business, so it can become your business.

It's better driving with a friend. I hope that I never have to tour alone, because Landon Keller was a class act to travel with, and a good sport when I teased him about being a hick.

Things NEVER work out the way you plan them to. So roll with the punches, expect the unexpected. Play shows to 2 people, the same way you play the show to 200.

Lastly, give it your all and enjoy the ride. It's so worth it.

Thanks San Diego: Dialed In for the opportunity to share the tour with you! I'm playing at LeStats on Saturday. I hope you can all make it out.


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