Thursday, August 27, 2009

Licensed to Ill Cancer Benefits

I love my friend Adam Gimbel, but the boy doesn't seem to understand 'short but sweet'. He's always hosting karaoke, benefits, stuff for kids, stuff for families, and on and on, and of course the famous trivia nights. That said, he's got a couple cancer benefits this week, so all the details are after the jump if you click 'keep on reading'.

Thursday Aug 27
Licensed To Ilya (Geezer & Ilya doing Beastie Boys) cancer fundraiser
@ The Ruby Room
Friday Aug 28
Feel The Noise w/ DJ Gabe Vega, Saul Q and Licensed To Ilya (Geezer &
Ilya doing Beastie Boys) @ U-31

August 18, 2009

With Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's recent cancer treatment causing the band
to cancel several festival dates, organizers tapped some of the
biggest names in show business to replace them. Several of the acts
offered well-wishes and even paid tribute by performing the band's
music. In San Diego, another great Jew named Adam, musician Adam
Gimbel, approached local ambient sensations Ilya with an idea they'd
talked about over fifty years before: to play a set of Beastie Boys
songs as Licensed To Ilya. So much time had passed since the idea was
originally hatched, that Gimbel had actually become a senior citizen
and started a Weezer coverband called Geezer.

"My grandchildren looked so heartbroken," Gimbel recalls. "I thought
'Feh, what are ya gonna do?' but when I thought about their long
struggle to earn the right to party, I felt that they deserved that
party and I knew just how to give it to them."

With only fourteen days to throw together a show worthy of cheering up
thousands of disappointed San Diego ticketholders, Gimbel assembled
his fellow Geezers (rechristened Nas D, MZA and the King Old Rock) and
the musicians from Ilya to form a supergroup to tackle a set of
Beastie Boys material. Intense rhyme sessions have been taking place
for the past few days at the band's practice space in the rec room of
their local senior center. However, the National Large Print
Teleprompter Company of America has agreed to donate the use of
several of their products, in the event of a senior moment.

The late hour prevented the act from securing a venue for their own
cancer benefit, so they will be collecting cancer research donations
for the Susan G Komen For The Cure at their two appearances during the
week when Beastie Boys were set to perform. First, at Super Thursdays
on Thursday August 27th at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest and then at
midnight after Street Scene at U31's Feel The Noise in North Park.
So, in typically ironic fashion, a band that regularly performs with a
box of Depends onstage will now be playing the same night as Street
Scene headliners the Black Eyed Peas, whose lead singer admitted years
after their last San Diego appearance that she had, indeed, urinated
in her pants. Helloooooooooo, nasty.

Rumors of L2i actually replacing Beastie Boys at Street Scene on
Saturday have been greatly exaggerated but there have been reports of
men in police sunglasses and moustaches throwing each other megaphones
in an effort to find a suitable location for a third performance
somewhere in the downtown area. Local shuffleboard tournament
organizers have refused to comment.

Thursday August 27
LICENSED TO ILYA at Ruby Room's Super Thursdays
1271 University Ave
San Diego, California 92103

Friday August 28 MIDNIGHT SET
LICENSED TO ILYA at U31’s Feel The Noise
3112 University Ave
San Diego, California 92105

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