Monday, August 24, 2009


So the other night Kris and I tried a restaurant that we have been meaning to go to for some time called Pomegranate. Pomegranate is a Russian-Georgian Restaurant located in North Park on the corner of Louisiana and El Cajon (2302 el Cajon Blvd). Its actually quite shocking that we hadn’t been before as we are both of Ukrainian decent, and there are time when we could literally kill for some good vareniki (pierogi). Well ok, not literally kill, that would be insane, I mean figuratively kill, but you get the point. So wide eyed and bushy tailed we went, and let me tell you this place does not disappoint! See the review and some pics after the jump!

First off we were treated to some reallllly lovely bread. There was a white Portuguese roll type of bread which was very good, but the real stunner was the Latvian black bread we got, dynamite! We later learned that it is in fact imported. Amazing, it must seriously be orgasmic fresh. We also ordered up some Russian beers which Kris though were quite good, but I though were a bit on the sweet side. That’s not to say I didn’t like them at all, just that next time I’ll probably go with the Czeck beer.

For our appetizers and main course we went for potato and onion Vareniki and some Borscht. Let me tell you, these were some amazing vareniki, onions were carmalized to perfection, and the dough was perfect. Flavorful and filling just like grandma makes! As for the borsch, unbelievable! It was far more hearty than we are used to, and to be honest I prefer a little less stuff (read veggies) in the soup, but that aside it was quite good, very tasty, and we will be enjoying it again for sure!

As far as the experience and service went we couldn’t have been happier. Our waitress Margarita was very sweet and the service was top notch. She was also very helpful as far as suggestions went, and was really familiar with the menu, which is a real plus as it may not be that familiar to everybody. As for the atmosphere it was great. It really felt very comfortable in there. Wooden tables, notes on the wall, and a piano that really brought the room together. We also met the owner John who was great. He was very kind and even regaled us with some great stories. Would we return here again, you betcha! This is a place that we will be frequenting very often.

All in all it was a great meal, a great experience, and a great night!


k said...

You forgot to mention how amazingly delicious the herbed butter that comes with the bread is! I LOVE that place.

petro said...

Oh man, you are soooo right, I totaly forgot! I just wanna eat there everyday!