Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Record From Alec Ounsworth

My inboxes get really ridiculous at times. I don't want to whine, but let's just say that last night a lot of emails were finally read and filtered and I finally went to sleep at 6 a.m. I love knowing about new music, but if a band isn't touring in San Diego, I rarely share the press releases because I figure my readers are savvy enough that you already read all about it on Pitchfork, Stereogum, Gorilla vs Bear, The Music Slut, or a host of other sites that aggregate all that stuff.

All that to say that the only reason I'm sharing this music is because it is probably the most earnest "press-release" I've ever read. Bands ask me all the time what PR firm they should use, or to send them examples of good vs bad press releases, and they always ask what stands out to a blogger in a press release. This hits all those marks. Without saying anything else, here's the e-mail in it's entirety:

Hello out There,

My name is Alec Ounsworth. I have completed a project called FLASHY PYTHON: SKIN AND BONES. You can listen to the album (and buy it if you feel so inclined) here.

As you may or may not know, and I suppose the reason I'm writing you directly, another project that I have been working on for several years now is called CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH. This is not that and that is this nor is it the other (the other often tragically confused with him or her) . . .

FLASHY PYTHON was conjured up and brought forth absolutely independently. It was completed recently and released even more recently to no acclaim nor discredit as no "news sources" were informed of its completion.

The idea is to present the project purely (while we still can) and let the individual make up his or her own mind which, as it seems to me, is perhaps the primary benefit in the otherwise alienating age of modern technology and communication.

I also have another album coming out on October 20th on Anti Records called Mo Beauty. You can hear a track from it over at stereogum. That is not this either.

Thanks for reading this email.

Alec Ounsworth

Short. Sweet. Perfect. And it made me (a) go to the website (b) listen to the songs (c) embed the player for you to hear.

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