Friday, July 08, 2011


After the Manchester show, we discovered a place to lay our heads called 'The Mill'.

We loved the setup and vibe of the place and were able to get some good rest before we split for the next stop. Random encounter at the end of a show night: we wound up enjoying some of the finer things with the band The Ting Tings. Friendly folks...

MANCHESTER was a good one. One great thing I've noticed about the EU fan contingent is the barrier work they put in. Doesn't matter how many people are in the room, be it ten thousand or twenty five...these devoted babies are right at the edge of the stage, rocking the barrier like they battled for it and normally that is the case. This was again proven at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent the following show. It was our first festival of the season and we had the privilege to open the show's main stage. Not expecting too huge of a showing being first on, we walked out to find our devoted Babies at the barrier (of course), eagerly awaiting the set to commence. Quite surprisingly, we saw that the festival scene had already begun and we noticed thousands had already arrived and had taken their positions while more were filing in. It's a fantastic realization to see the festival spirit so alive, and to have the reward of our first exposure to the curiosity of a completely new audience. The early birds. The seekers. You know who you are. Obviously we have a much greater appreciation for this perspective being new to this scene, but God love ya...

Our set flew by in a flash and before we could blink it was gone. A moment of sunshine came from behind a cloud and spread out on the stage as we played, and I found I was trying to burn the image in my mind as it happened for future reflection.

I discovered some new music that day and was pleased to walk away with having found City and Colour who performed directly after us. Good sound, great songs + harmonies...always goes down smooth. COORS, taste the rockies. The 70's ranch wear that the guitar player donned was also quite refreshing. I have to say that a handsome poly-western suit is an under-appreciated fashion play and coming from Corning, CA, I noticed. Well played, gents. A toast to Canada for these...well played, indeed and happy Canada Day!

The rest of this day was spent hanging out with some extended family and friends in The Brandon Flowers cast and crew. We hadn't seen some of them since our previous tour and it was nice to catch up in the festival setting. Our trailer was situated around the other band's that were up that day and everyone performing was friendly and had nice things to say which was a good feeling.

Here are some shots of the line-up and a few moments from the stage that etched this experience in our minds:


A BIG thanks to Miss Bev for all her hard work and for including us in such a cool eclectic event. Sent us away with our sails full and our hearts warm...

If you get the opportunity to experience The Hop Farm Festival, do yourself the favor. You won't forget it.



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