Thursday, July 28, 2011

KPBS Midday Edition Weekend Preview

Live radio is always fun and I was honored that Angela Carone asked me to once again do the Weekend Preview on KPBS even though I'm generally awkward on radio. And even though it was a phoner, it was pretty rad to follow Paul Scheer who was talking about NTSF:SD:SUV. Listen to his interview here.

To hear the broadcast, click here. Golden moment was when George Varga described Hippiefest as "excruciating". Didn't see that one coming.

I mostly just wanted to add some links about the events because the time goes so quick, there was a lot I didn't get to say (including the very awkward moment where I forgot that Noel Jordan was the first act playing Alex's Lemonade Stand).

For information about the Summer Concert Series at the Del Mar Racetrack, click here.

Here's how this part of the interview could've gone:
"So what is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club like live?"
"Well, Maureen, I don't really know, because the last time I saw them in concert, I was backstage making out with a drummer." THAT would've been GREAT radio.

FM 94/9 is a huge part of the success of Alex's Lemonade Stand and I'm sorry I couldn't even give them a mention but we jumped the script. The event is from 10am-6pm, with Noel Jordan playing from noon-2, Jesse LaMonaca playing from 2-4pm, and Brian Holwerda of The Blackout Party playing from 4-6pm. Garett and Hilary will be broadcasting live throughout the day. Locally the event has raised over $37,000 and they're shooting for another $10k+ weekend, so drop by, say hi, write a letter to a pediatric cancer patient, enjoy the music, and donate what you can. For more information on that one, click here.

Finally, I talked about Johnny Rad Fest, and I've already posted links and the lineup in an earlier post, but wanted to thank Tyrone Taylor of Lurkville Skateboards for helping me out this morning, and in turn, he wanted to shout out the sponsors who made this year's event possible: Brixton Clothing, Fender, Stance, Monster, FILTER Magazine, and RAEN, and of course Til-Two Club, The Ken Club, and King's Inn (Mission Valley) for hosting everyone. If I didn't already have three shows to be at tonight, I'd be there, but I hope to catch some of the action at the Ken Club this weekend.

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