Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Friday

Though I was running on less than 4 hours of sleep, Friday was another great day at Comic-Con. Pyles and I were hopping from lounge to lounge. We once again visited the Nintendo Arts & Cinema Lounge/Limitless Cafe to grab a bite to kick off the afternoon. We popped into the Captain America party and watched a band from Australia, Juke Kartel, fronted by Toby from Rockstar: Supernova.

From there, we went to Lou & Mickey's for the CNET Lounge that was open to the public and ran into our friend Sal.

We had a quick beer there, then wandered the streets, scoring the coveted PanAm messenger bags and some other goodies along the way.

Around 5:30 we decided to try the Wired Cafe, and let's just say we penetrated the perimeter and got access. DJ Artistic was spinning and though the party was winding down, the entire cast of The Walking Dead arrived and were all very friendly about taking photos. Whereas I can say I legitimately hung out with Colin Hanks the night before, this was really just "Do you mind if we take a photo?" fanboy/fangirl photo ops.

After the party shut down a little after 6, we hit the Sprint gaming area near the Hilton and meandered over to the Hard Rock Hotel for the El Shaddai game launch party at 207. The party was hosted bar and had some delicious tray passed appetizers, so we stayed there for a few hours and met some guys who were super sweet and shared their love of video games, Adult Swim, and more video games.

We left the party to see what else we could find, but that was a bust. I wish we'd planned better and made arrangements to get into the Playboy Club party or the Adult Swim party at Quality Social, but we hadn't, so we lingered a bit hoping for some magic. We ran into Andrew WK outside but had no luck, so eventually we left downtown and I got home around 11:30. Super long day but I slept quite well. so even though we're getting a late jump on the day, I'm looking forward to some fun today and tonight. I don't think I'll get into the Girl Talk set at the Adult Swim party tonight, but fortunately Mariachi El Bronx is playing a Slacker party at the Culy Warehouse which should be a blast.

See you on the streets! As always, tweet me if you wanna find me @sddialedin.

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