Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mike’s Weekly Pick: Langhorne Slim and the Law @ The Soda Bar, Monday July 25, 2011

Ok, I get it. ComicCon is a big deal and is very important to a lot of you. Hell, it looks like fun and I may even go next year. But it’s almost over now and we can get back to focusing on what’s really important: great live music. For my money (and yours) there is no better way to get San Diego back into the swing than by getting down and dirty with Langhorne Slim and the Law at The Soda Bar Monday night. Check out this video for "Cinderella" for just a small taste of what to expect:

Langhorne Slim "Cinderella" from Kemado Records on Vimeo.

Langhorne Slim "Cinderella"

Langhorne Slim is truly a musical treasure. His recordings are some of my favorite folk, singer-songwriter songs anywhere ever. Sweet, smart, endearing and heartbreaking. But do NOT expect to be lulled by a melancholy performance about long lost love, because a LIVE Langhorne Slim performance is the polar opposite of the studio stuff. It will be loud. It will be frenetic. You will uncontrollably break into dance and be infected by the groove. It is a guaranteed great time. And if we're lucky we'll be treated to some new tunes as well, like this one, "Attacking is Alright":

Langhorne Slim & the Law - Attacking is Alright from Live & Breathing on Vimeo.

Be sure to get there early to catch Henry Wolfe, an LA artist who hopefully will make frequent trips back to San Diego. This will absolutley be a barn burning, rip roaring, fantastic night of super high energy music. Just like ComicCon, any visit by Langhorne Slim to San Diego is something to fully immerse yourself in and cherish. Do. Not. Miss.

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