Thursday, July 28, 2011

CSS at 4th & B October 7: Win Tickets Before You Can Buy Them!!

Earlier this week, 4th & B announced a show with CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) and Men taking place on October 7. Well, sometimes I'm people who know people, and 4th & B generously sent me TEN tickets to giveaway before you can even buy the tickets tomorrow. It's been awhile since the Brazilian crew has been back to San Diego; if I'm not mistaken they canceled their last show because of visa issues or something of the sort.

Earlier this week, CSS did a remix of one of my favorite new artists, Givers. Check out the remix of "Up, Up, Up" here

I don't want to just give these away willy-nilly, so you're gonna have to work for them. Using your Facebook or Twitter account, you have to plug the show in your own creative way. Be sure to tag @sddialedin & @4thandB on Twitter or Rosemary Bystrak & 4th&B on Facebook. I'll give away THREE pairs through this method, so you have about 24 hours and I'll name winners from all the entries.

For the other TWO pair, I'm going to at least three shows tonight, two shows tomorrow, and who knows how many over the weekend. Follow me on Foursquare (which also updates my Twitter and Facebook), find me and tell me you want CSS tickets and I'll take your name and phone number and choose winners at the end of the weekend. So technically it's not before you can buy them, but close enough. Keep in mind that 4th&B is a 21+ venue. I can't believe I'm inviting you to stalk me. Don't be a weirdo, mmkay?

If you don't wanna take your chances that this sells out, you can buy tickets starting on Friday. Click here for info.

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