Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturday: The Heavy Guilt Record Release Party

The Heavy Guilt left a huge impression on me from the very first time I saw Erik and Al set up a PA outside the Soda Bar with all their gear to promote their show the next night.

Since that night, I've had the pleasure of seeing the band many times(and eventually booking them a few times, too)and I'm happy to gave gotten to know them all over the past several months. Their first record, Lift Us Up From This completely won me over. With their second album, In The Blood , the band cements themselves as one of the best in San Diego and I suspect they're destined for great things. The record has already been nominated for the San Diego Music Awards for Best Alternative Album (a category voted on by the academy).

Tonight The Heavy Guilt is officially releasing In The Blood on vinyl and CD, and the party is not to be missed. They have all kinds of great things lined up...from live artists to a vinyl swap meet to complement the lineup that includes Black Sands, Gun Runner, and Low Volts. Best of all, the show is all ages and is only $5.

7/16 Saturday
In The Blood Release Party
The Glashaus Gallery
1815 Main St.
San Diego, CA 92113

The Heavy Guilt
Low Volts
Gun Runner
Black Sands

6 - 11 pm
All Ages
Beer & Wine Available

Check out four tracks from In The Blood:
04 Through The Tangles

07 In The Blood

11 Fallen

02 The Cost

Here some of what our local media is saying about The Heavy Guilt:

San Diego Citybeat
If I Were U Plan A
Urb Magazine
Owl & Bear

Find the band on their Official Site, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube

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