Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bon Iver at Spreckels: 2nd Show Added-Tickets onsale Friday!

I'm gonna be honest. I had a rough start to the week.

I was recovering from Comic-Con. After 5 non-stop days and nights of walking, hanging out at parties with free booze, and then staying up crazy late trying to work (but often getting sidetracked on Turntable.FM), I was worn down. I've grown to love Con that there's also this depression that sets in when you have to find the next big thing to look forward to. I hit some shows this week as well as the Gaglione Brothers 1 year party for their Mission Gorge store, and still hadn't quite gotten enough sleep. Then yesterday I found out that a close friend was hospitalized with way too many ailments for a 28 year old to handle and I didn't sleep much just hoping he would be okay.

Today, however, was a great day and after having fun on the radio, I got to talk to my friend for over an hour and it sounds like he's going to be okay after some procedures, but just hearing him laugh was enough motivation to catch up on all of this stuff I'd neglected. Like Bon Iver.

Earlier this week, the Casbah announced that Bon Iver and Other Lives would be playing a second night in San Diego. The show is September 17 and tickets go onsale tomorrow at noon. There's a presale (password is fm949) happening right now but personally if I was buying tickets, I'd go sit at the box office and skip the fees at noon tomorrow.

Get tickets here.

Oh, and one more reason there's a spring in my step? Jeff and I have made plans to go to Vegas next weekend to see Other Lives at the Book and Stage at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I talked to Josh from the band today and it looks like I'll get my interview and some hang time in while I'm there, in addition to the FOUR sets we'll get to see on Friday & Saturday nights. (though they're also there Wednesday and Thursday). So yeah. It's good to have things to look forward to.

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