Friday, September 23, 2011

Bright Eyes & Kurt Vile at Soma, 9.21.2011

Wednesday night was the Bright Eyes show at SOMA. I took my friend Nick who has done work with Conor and played in Neva Denova and is all tied into that little Saddle Creek circle, so I was a little surprised that Conor was back to his reclusive ways and wasn't backstage at all before or after his set. Bummer. It was still an awesome show, especially when during their final song, he requested someone on timpani and that someone ended up being Tim Pyles. I was by the soundboard and Matt made sure I caught Tim on video. These are some of my shakiest videos ever...the further from the subject, the more dramatic any movement on my little handheld, but hopefully you enjoy them nonetheless.

See Photos of Kurt Vile and Bright Eyes here

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