Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where my AwesomeFesters at?

I have two shows booked tonight (!!) One is my weekly show at West Coast Tavern, tonight featuring Trevor Garrod and Black Sands (acoustic), which will be beautiful and definitely worth seeing. Sounds like Mike Beebe's birthday party is gonna roll up here, too, so if you know Mike, this will be the spot tonight.

On the other side of town at the Casbah, I've got a show for the Fast Crowd, with Everready, The Bertos, and The Regressions. I'm not worried about the shows competing because few of the people who would go to one would really go to the other, but that is why I love this city and the music diversity we have. I believe Bullet's birthday party is gonna roll out to this this one after their dinner at the Lincoln Room, so you can come check this one out if your preferences lean toward aggressive garage punk and rock.

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Whatever you choose, remember that every time you come to a show I book, you're helping me keep my livelihood and this site alive, and of course, big Happy Birtdays to Mike and Lety.

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