Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ryan Adams: Ashes & Fire (Out October 11)

If you like to hear Ryan Adams rock, go check out III/IV on his SoundCloud and feel free to crank it up because the forthcoming (October 11) Ashes & Fire is not the record for you. But if you're like me, and your Ryan Adams collection goes back to Whiskeytown and you love all the sad bastard ballads more than the rockers, Ashes & Fire is your dream album. With 12 tracks, the record comes in around 48 minutes. Songs about being at the very end of your rope ("Save Me") and commitment ("I Love You But I don't Know What To Say") and being there for another person ("Come Home") are all there and completely relatable. These tracks are less countrified than Cold Roses or his work with The Cardinals, but still have familiar layers of pedal steel, piano, and organ while Ryan plucks his guitar to create a beautiful and emotionally raw record that keeps him firmly in place as one of my all time favorites.

Invisible Riverside by ryanadams

Lucky Now by ryanadams

Follow Ryan Adams and Pax-Am on Facebook. They've been releasing tracks, videos, and acoustic performances of some older tunes, all leading up to the release on October 11.

The record can be preordered here and will begin shipping on 10/6 and icludes a full record download the day of the release as well as entry into weekly drawings for bonus prizes. Ryan Adams performs at the Balboa Theatre on the day the record is released. The show is sold out, but you might wanna keep an eye out for production hold ticket releases the day before or the day of the show.

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