Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Silent Comedy: Going Viral?

In the nearly five years of this site, I have amassed over 2,000 videos on my YouTube Channel with over 1.3 million views combined. I don't especially promote my videos or try and get subscribers, I just put them up, occasionally repost them here, and if people find them, then great. I do, however, pay attention to comments. Everytime someone comments on a video, I get it in an email, and I remove all the nasty and mean comments from YouTube trolls or respond to someone trying to find out more about a specific show or artist. Lately I've noticed a spike in the views and comments of a few of my videos of The Silent Comedy, so when I saw Josh and Jeremiah on Sunday at the Casbah, I asked if they'd posted them somewhere new. I wanted to know why the sudden TSC spike.

Well, it turns out that The Silent Comedy's "Bartholomew" was recently used in a video game trailer for Dark Souls. The video was posted on August 17 and already has over a million views! They also told me that they're analytics changed drastically from 30-40 year old women to 13-19 year old boys. Not shocking, but pretty amazing. This is the power of the video game industry. Keep this in mind when people come asking to license your music, both in terms of the reach and exposure for your band and when negotiating to make sure you're being properly compensated.

A lot of people have taken the video and uploaded the song with a still photo, but this one had us quite entertained at the merch booth.

You know you've "made it" when someone makes a dubstep remix of your song.

Anyway, thanks to Josh & Jeremiah for sharing the fun with me on this. I better go back and title all of those older videos I shot!

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