Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloran Reveals SoundSystem (((*)))

[I wrote this blog post on August 17, but didn't want to post without Halloran's consent. In light of the announcement today that he'll be hosting Loudspeaker and a new show, FTW, when he returns to 91X on October 2, I remembered that it was just sitting in my queue, and since George Varga mentioned it, he said it's okay to talk about, so here's my original post. Halloran says the show has been picked up to air on TV. Broadcasts are expected to begin in late October. -rosey]

A few weeks ago, my friends at Gaglione Brothers hosted a small party at their Mission Gorge location to celebrate the one year anniversary of the store. Along with their delicious garlic fries and samples of their amazing cheesesteaks, I was hanging outside with Michael Halloran and his family catching up on...well, everything, I guess. Conversation is never reduced to small talk with Hal. Anyway, he was telling me about a project he's been working on but told me I wasn't allowed to say anything until the time was right. I believe he said something to the effect of me having a big mouth and anything he tells me would be blabbed all over the internet before we were finished talking. I promised to keep it quiet, but now it's was on facebook, the site is up (in beta) and the Vimeo Channel has been unlocked from the private setting, so I guess it's okay to spread the good word.

Sound System Sizzle Film from SoundSystem on Vimeo.

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