Monday, September 07, 2020

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Darren, Nova, and cousin Robin (Taken 9.7.2020)

I hope everyone had a superb weekend. As I mentioned, we spent the whole day Saturday in the yard in the sprinkler, then all of Sunday in the house, bunkering like it was our jobs because of the smoke from the Valley Fire. 
For actual Labor Day, we got a text from Darren's cousin from Anchorage that she was in town for a flight layover. He hadn't seen her in over a decade, so we had to risk assess and opted to meet up with her. We picked up tacos from El Panson (because everyone should experience tacos from El Panson) and met her at the pool of her hotel, Carte, in the Columbia District of downtown. There are nice big bench seats so we were able to spread out while we ate, though of course we got scolded by hotel staff halfway through our meal because you're not supposed to bring in outside food or drinks. Uh, sorry not sorry. 
After finishing up, we walked toward the waterfront and decided to use the empty bocce ball court at Waterfront Park. It was nice of the County Parks people to be open on the holiday, so we played while the cousins caught up with each other. Nova and I beat them, but who's keeping track? ;)
We returned home to rest for awhile, then picked up a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake to take to my parents' house for my dad's 72nd birthday. Unfortunately he's not in great health, so while the family masked and distanced in the backyard, he was stuck in the house, too painful to get on his scooter to join us. But it was still nice to all get together and we'll be doing it again soon as both my mom and I celebrate birthdays later in the month. 
The County didn't report new stats today, but I still maintain that using their formula, San Diego will be moved to the purple tier tomorrow, reverting back to some older closures. 
I suspect Tuesday will be a busy day, since the state will be reassessing all counties for the new metrics, fires continue to rage out of control, and police continue to do whatever the eff they want. News after the jump. 

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