Tuesday, September 01, 2020

COVID-19: Scott Lewis Is Pissed About Reopenings | County Health Requires Sign-In At Indoor Businesses | CA Legislature Ends Session With Loads of Bills | Photos: La Jolla Cove

This little pup walked right over to us while we sat on a ledge about 7 feet up from him (Taken 8.31.2020)

It's no secret among my family and friends that I'm bossy. I like things the way I like them, and if I don't like the way someone is doing something, I'm generally not shy about letting them know. It's why we're probably pulling Nova from soccer; they just can't seem to follow the rules and are telling us our season is proceeding to start on October 3rd, which is absolutely bonkers. 
With coronavirus, this means constantly correcting: "stop touching your face", "take your mask off from the ear straps, not the cloth part", use your elbows, arms, or feet when you have to push or pull something. When we do go to public spaces like the Zoo or Safari Park, we're adamant about not touching surfaces at all. We make sure to go to the bathroom at home to minimize the need to use public ones, and when we must use them, we keep our masks and goggles on. We don't touch railings. We're constantly hand-sanitizing or hand-washing. So I'm not surprised to find that research is showing that the novel coronavirus can last on surfaces for a few days and longer when the temperatures start to drop. It's not super concerning in Southern California but it's certainly going to affect the country through the fall, especially if people are less diligent than we are. And it should be noted that it doesn't speak to the transmission from fomites which is still unknown, just that the risk is there. 
Today was the first day of my birthday month (ha!), which means more email today than usual. It's after 10pm and I still haven't even gotten to my second email account, though I was a little distracted watchingl the last few episodes of World's Toughest Race. It is cheesily inspiring and makes me want to go on a hike, though we haven't done much of that because the few times we did, nobody was wearing masks and the trails are busier than ever, but we just got season permits for a hike that is limited to 50 people a day, so hopefully we can do that soon and often. If anyone has any secret spots they love, I'd love to hear them.
Nova's second day of school was mostly okay, though she has to learn time management and how to take criticism because she had a meltdown when a teacher told her that her work wasn't up to par, something she is definitely not used to. Her school reported 95% connectivity/attendance for the first day and it went up to 98% on the second day, so that's pretty good news. Anyway, first of the month means a ton of news and long reads today. All after the jump.  
  • California COVID-19 Stats:
    • 3,712 New Cases/707,797 Total Cases (.5% increase)
    • 85 New Deaths/13,018 Total Deaths (.7% increase)
    • 5.3% 14-day test positivity rate
  • San Diego County Stats & News
    • State Data:
      • 304 New Cases (Last 14 Days)/38,606 Total Cases
      • 0 Deaths (Last 14 Days)/682 Total Deaths
      • 5.8 cases/100k population 
      • 3.7% Test Positivity (Last 14 Days)
    • County Data:
      • 267 New Cases/38,871 Total Cases 
      • 6 New Daily Deaths/688 Total Deaths
      • 5.8 cases/100k population 
      • 4% Daily Test Positivity/3.8% Test Positivity (14-day average)
      • Case Investigation is 95%
      • 1 New/16 Community Outbreaks (7-day)
    • Some Indoor Restrictions Lifted, Businesses Must Follow Guidelines: The County is asking businesses and organizations allowed to reopen indoor operations under new state guidance to review and redo their safe reopening plans to ensure they stay in compliance. - County News Center (8.31.2020)
    • Team Reopen: 2, Schools: 0: The governor and county Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten have long maintained a desire to control the virus and keep it from overwhelming hospitals. That’s what makes the decision to open things back up, right before Labor Day, incomprehensible. - Scott Lewis, Voice of San Diego, (8.31.2020)
    • County Health Order Revised to require logging of all people with contact information of indoor patronage (even if just using the bathroom):
      • The State of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy establishes a four tier system for reopening business sectors. Those business sectors listed in the “Substantial/Tier2” column of the Activities and Business Tiers chart are allowed to reopen under the conditions set forth in the chart. Every business in the following sectors listed in the Activities and Business Tiers shall require all customers who receive services indoors or use indoor facilities to sign in with their name and telephone number:
        • Hair Salons & Barbershops
        • Personal Care Services
        • Gyms & Fitness Centers
        • Restaurants, Wineries, Bars, Breweries, and Distilleries (where meal is provided) as required.
    • Check Voter Registration Now to Get Mail Ballot Later: The Registrar of Voters will prepare election ballots for mailing in two weeks so active registered voters are urged to check their voter registration now to get a mail ballot at their address later. - County News Center (9.1.2020) 
  • City of San Diego News:
    • Due to the ongoing impact of the #COVID19 pandemic, full enforcement of parking regulations will be delayed until Oct. 1, 2020.
      Citations are currently suspended for vehicles violating street sweeping parking restrictions, metered parking, time limits and yellow commercial zones. ⁣
      Citations continue to be issued for vehicles parked illegally at red, white and blue painted curbs. ⁣- City of San Diego (8.31.2020)
      • I have to say that I am not a fan of this lack of enforcement. Besides people driving on the freeways like maniacs (no enforcement) and racing through our neighborhoods (no enforcement), people are parking illegally everywhere (no enforcement). If we're not defunding the police, what job are they actually doing besides harassing protesters and the unsheltered? They're certainly not enforcing the health orders, even refusing to do so department-wide in some cases. 
  • COVID-19
    • America’s Death Gap - New York Times (9.1.2020)
      "Here’s a jarring thought experiment: If the United States had done merely an average job of fighting the coronavirus — if the U.S. accounted for the same share of virus deaths as it did global population — how many fewer Americans would have died?
      The answer: about 145,000.
      That’s a large majority of the country’s 183,000 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths.
      No other country looks as bad by this measure. The U.S. accounts for 4 percent of the world’s population, and for 22 percent of confirmed Covid-19 deaths.
    • Coronavirus may survive on outdoor surfaces for longer in autumn, US study suggests Researchers find it could linger for up to a week outside in lower temperatures and humidity – more than the one to three days in summer. That could ‘potentially contribute to new outbreaks’ in northern hemisphere, they warn in non-peer-reviewed paper - South China Morning Post (8.31.2020)
    • COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven’t Had Any Symptoms: A growing body of research is raising concerns about the cardiac consequences of the coronavirus - Scientific American (8.31.2020)
    • The Most American COVID-19 Failure Yet: Contact tracing works almost everywhere else. Why not here? - The Atlantic (8.31.2020)
    • Rate of COVID Infection in U.S. Children Rising - Statista (8.31.2020)

If we end up pulling Nova from soccer, it will be the end of my twice-weekly trips to La Jolla Cove, though I've made them promise we'll still go from time to time. Here are some of my photos from Monday:

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