Thursday, September 10, 2020

CoViD-19 Have We Learned Anything? | Valley Fire Containment Increases | San Diego Museums: What's Open

Greg Laswell at Belly Up (Taken 9.11.2019)

I'm sorry about how many people are struggling during this pandemic, but I have to say, I am naturally a homebody. We *almost* went to the Safari Park today, but by the time we ate a late lunch, double checked the weather, and I realized how much email I had to get through, it was a no-go. Darren and Nova went and played tennis again while I had an hour of quiet at home. 
I watched a local news clip where the reporter was trying to explain the tier system and the current San Diego numbers and he kept saying that our cases per 100k were "6.9 percent" which is not accurate. He also said we're being adjusted for not enough testing whereas I understood the opposite. But either way, the point is that the County is basically objecting to the current numbers because of data reporting issues from some of the testing centers back to the state. So I'm not the only one who is confused, but I think I have it all somewhat sorted in my brain now. 
Since we've been home a lot, we've been watching a lot. We're watching Away on Netflix but it's super dramatic, so we're sticking to one episode a night. I also watched Krystal on Netflix which, despite being directed by William H Macy, I don't really recommend, unless you can sit through a couple hours of literally the worst acted southern accents you can imagine. Does this ever appeal to anyone from the actual south or midwest? And then the background music is always some slow strum banjo or some bullshit. I watched the whole thing (because I can't start something without finishing) but you've been warned. 
I also watch Chemical Hearts on Amazon Prime. It's about a high-school kid who lives a very normal, uneventful life until he meets the new girl at school, who is sorta the opposite of the manic-pixie, but no less a trope: dark, mysterious, walks with a cane from a traumatic injury, and has a very bipolar vibe as she works through her shit. Still, I enjoyed it enough that I checked out the book it's based on from the San Diego Public Library app immediately after I watched it. Anyway, lots of news and stuff, but you won't find any links about Fury or any of the outcry by the tapes here. We already know where I stand on this, I've already blocked family from Facebook, and I'm gonna try to temper the rage until the election is over. 

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