Friday, September 04, 2020

CoViD-19 Vaccine Trials Launching In South Bay | Pandemic May Match Or Exceed Flu of 1918 | Pet Safety During Heatwave | When Police Stop Policing

I think I'm making a Labor Day Weekend mistake by binging all the newish Netflix movies. At this rate, I won't have anything to watch while we're sheltering-in-place this weekend during the impending heat wave. So far, I watched Freak Show, about a queer high school kid who overcomes unspeakable school bullying, and really liked it. I finished Strange But True about a girl who think s she's pregnant with her dead boyfriend's baby which was pretty terrible. Then I watched Love, Guaranteed which is a pretty cheesy and predictable rom-com, but I liked it anyway, and now I'm watching The Lost Husband, which already feels like a Lifetime movie and therefore I am all in. 
It took me awhile to get through all of Thursday's email and news, but we did some shopping while Nova skated. We didn't realize it was just a one hour class, so we felt terrible when we got a text from Derby United that she was waiting for us, but she seemed to be okay and obviously we'll check next time we register. I think the decision has been made that we're pulling her from soccer so we'll probably be back at Derby United a whole lot more in the near future. 

  • California COVID-19 Stats:
    • 5,125 New Cases/717,177 Total Cases (.7% increase)
    • 164 New Deaths/13,327 Total Deaths (1.2% increase)
    • 5% 14-day test positivity rate
  • San Diego County Stats
    • State Data:
      • 250 New Cases (Last 14 Days)/39,123 Total Cases
      • 7 Deaths (Last 14 Days)/695 Total Deaths
      • 5.8 cases/100k population 
      • 3.7% Test Positivity (8/12-8/18)
    • County Data:
      • 325 New Cases/39,446 Total Cases 
      • 5 New Daily Deaths/700 Total Deaths
      • 5.8 cases/100k population 
      • 4% Daily Test Positivity/3.9% Test Positivity (14-day average)
      • Case Investigation is 95%
      • 2 New/17 Community Outbreaks (7-day)
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  • Pet Safety Tips From San Diego Humane Society
    With temperatures soaring this weekend, the San Diego Humane Society shared some important tips to keep your pets safe when it is hot outside:
    • 🐶 Always provide plenty of cool, clean water for your animal. When away from home, carry a thermos with fresh water.
    • 🐕 Leave your pets at home as much as possible. While you may think that they will be lonely, they will be much more comfortable in your cool home than riding in a hot car.
    • 🐶 If you must take your pet along for the ride, don’t leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle. Even with the windows open, a parked car can quickly become a furnace. If the temperature outside is 80 degrees, the temperature inside your car can quickly climb to 120 degrees.
    • 🐕 In extremely hot weather, don’t leave your dog standing on the street, and keep walks to a minimum. Be sure to allow for plenty of breaks and find shady spots to cool off.
    • 🐶 Don’t force your animal to exercise in hot, humid weather. Exercise your pet in the cool of the early morning or evening. In addition to the hot air, the hot pavement increases the risk for heat stroke.
    • 🐕 Always provide plenty of shade for an animal staying outside the house. Bring your pet inside during the heat of the day and let them rest in a cool part of your house. If you take your dog to the beach or park, make sure you can provide a shaded spot for resting.
    • 🐶 Be alert for the signs of heat stress: heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, unsteadiness, a staggering gait, vomiting, or a deep red tongue. If you believe your pet is suffering from heat exhaustion, contact your veterinarian right away — it could save your pet's life.
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