Friday, December 01, 2006

Things to Do & I am a squirrel

Like a squirrel forced to choose between two nuts and thereby starving, when I have too many options I am paralyzed and opt, in the end, to stay home. Well, okay, there's more to it than that...I got a tetanus shot this week and my arm feels like it weighs 60 pounds, and my checking account is reminding me that it's Christmastime and I have gifts to buy plus the $32.50 I just forked over for the 94/9 Hootenanny, but still- I should've at least walked to the Ken Club last night. Alas, I did not, so have nothing much to report today except for these other minor (non music) announcements:

* The Strong Ale Festival is this weekend - Friday and Saturday, December 1st and 2nd at Pizza Port Carlsbad from 4-11 pm on Friday and 11 am to 11 pm on Saturday. They tried to get full kegs of almost all of the beers so that the tap list will be the same both days. Cost is $25 and includes eight 4 ounce samples. Additional samples are just $1. And of course the annual festival smoked bratwurst pizza will be available. There will be more than 65 beers on tap for your consumption pleasure. Motel 6 is stumbling distance and the Coaster train is just blocks away and runs till 11 pm on Friday and 6 pm on Saturday.

* The ice skating rinks are now open in Horton Plaza and in Coronado. I haven't been to the one in Coronado, but all I can recommend is bringing thick socks and extra socks that are dry for after skating because the skates are wet inside and probably the most uncomfortable thing you could do to your feet next to those platform tranny stilettos you have hidden in your closet.

* There are a few holiday parades on Saturday- North Park's toyland parade is at 11, the OB Christmas parade is at 5:05, and the Chula Vista Starlight Parade is after the Holiday Festival which is from 2:30-5:30. Someday maybe I'll post my pictures of doing baton when I was 5 in this parade. My only memory: It is butt ass cold in leotards in December, so dress warm for all the above events.

* I am constantly recommending that any bands, managers, or people just interested in music and showbiz stuff tune in to Indie 103 for the Barely Legal Radio Program hosted by Joe Escalante of the Vandals. (Click "Listen Live" in the masthead) The show is normally on at 11, but is switching to a new time. The show is now on Fridays at 9 am. If you miss it, you can listen to the podcasts.

I'll be updating this as more info comes in so check back later.

If you wanna see my already posted events through Monday, CLICK HERE.

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andrea said...

Ahem. I believe you only forked over $30 for the 94.9 show... It would've been $10.75 more if you had bought em online. A $4.00 "order processing charge"? Are we paying for their electricity bill now, too?