Sunday, December 31, 2006

Rafter & Mr. Tube @ The Tower Bar

It's New Year's Eve! Who wants to sit at a computer and write? This will be short.

I just need to say, if you weren't at the Tower Bar last night, I'd like to know your excuse. Rafter Band was awesome. Mr. Tube dropped some soul funk rock lovin. The Tower bar was packed. I really haven't seen it like that since the early days of Lady Dottie and the Diamonds or for the rare show like Gang Green or The Spits, but indie kids REPRESENT. I have to admit, I thought you thought you were too good to venture out that way but no, you showed up in droves...even so much that people left because it was so damn crowded. Granted, each band has like 80 people in it so they take up plenty of space themselves, but both bands rocked the place and the PBR was clearly pumping through the crowd's blood. Mick even had to have Matty tend bar because he didn't expect that kind of crowd. Best Eve of New Year's Eve ever.

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