Thursday, December 14, 2006

Neighborhood/Cream Grand Opening & CityBeat "Seen" Art Show

Last night was the official opening of Neighborhood Boutique. The party was held among two spaces- Cream (a café, mostly) and the store. I arrived shortly after 8 pm. There was a bouncer at both the store and the café handing out wristbands to keep it legit, since the bar was serving complimentary wine and beer. It was already really crowded. Saul was spinning records while everyone seemed to be running into friends and acquaintances with whom they have lost touch. After a (3 oz) cup of beer and a (3 oz.) pour of Two-Buck Chuck Shiraz, the crowd had swelled beyond my comfort zone. There was actual condensation on the windows that line the front of the café. Imagine taking the Beauty Bar on a Friday and adding all the patrons to a full Casbah crowd and putting them all in the same room. I'll get flak if I say it was scenester night but really, what else can you call it?

Kara and Dennis and I moved outside while Andrea and Matt and Andrew chilled inside. The fashion show had started inside and the bouncers stopped letting people in unless someone came out first. As more friends joined us on the outside, Allison and Kelly and I decided that it just wasn't worth it to stick around. We didn't know when Grand Ole Party would play and we didn't expect the crowd to get any smaller as it got later, so we decided it was a fine time to check out Lancers. It appeared we weren't the only ones with that idea, but it was a good time as we were joined by Zabrina, Dave, Isaac, Amy, Kevin and a couple others.

So really, all this was to tell you I have no review of GOP today, but I've seen them at least half a dozen times and everytime I do I like them more and more and you should definitely catch them around town before they get some mega-record deal and leave us behind.

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catdirt said...

wow crowded? total shocker. i mean, grand ole party is about to get signed by the same dudes who manage COLDPLAY, for gods sakes... does anyone even understand the significance of that?