Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things To Do (repost with updates) Tue/Wed Dec 5 & 6


  • Public Enemy In-Store: Chuck D & Flava Flav @ M-Theory 5pm
  • Public Enemy & The Banned @ HoB
  • Sus Hijos, the Hot One, School of Rock @ Casbah
  • Between the Lines @ RT's Longboards (PB)
  • Inaugural Night of Ken Club Karaoke, hosted by Tony.
  • Non Music Listing: If you are on the liberal spectrum politically, come join me at Carl's Banquet Hall @ 2850 El Cajon Blvd for a MoveOn.org meeting. The meeting will discuss MoveOn.org's political agenda for 2007 and 2008 and discuss how to get the new House and Senate to adopt a more progressive agenda. 7pm.


  • The Faint & Ratatat @ 4th & B. Final payback for waiting in the eternal line at the Casbah last week. Sold Out otherwise.
  • Roman Numerals, Lowcloudcover, Lanterns @ San Diego Sports Club for Pussy Galore
  • Murphy's Law, 12-Cent, Gizzards @ Zombie Lounge (bring food for the grill 8-10pm)
  • Your 933 Holiday Show @ iPayOne
  • Non Music Listing: Crave Party @ Stingaree (boutique shopping, models, facials, etc.) $15- not my thing but maybe it's yours...

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