Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend update: Saturday, December 17, 2006

The day started with lunch at Ponce’s with my sister and Sara. I’ll review that later on the food site (link to the right), so keep your eyes peeled. After walked down to a new day spa in Kensington called I.C.E. that was having a “Holiday Glitz Blitz.” Most of the vendors were packing up due to low attendance, but we scored some giftbags with some girt certificates, makeup samples, hangover juice and a couple other small trinkets. The spa’s rates seem reasonable and the house that the spa uses is a historical building on Vista, about 4 blocks east of Kensington Coffee. If you’re looking for massages, wraps, etc., it seemed like a great place to get those kinds of services.

Much later, after an afternoon slummin’ and couchin’, it was time to motivate and head out. I decided to go to the Alibi because I finally wanted to see Orion Frequency.

Unfortunately, I missed Firethorn. Two Word Name started as I arrived. Their MySpace page describes them as a cross between Incubus and Metallica. While I’ll agree with the Incubus part, I was thinking more MCR or maybe Blue October, with their brooding lyrics that the singer belted out, kinda making me feel like I was watching someone sing in the shower. That’s not an insult at all- I thought he was a good frontman. The drummer was really on it, and I guess the guitar and bass were good, too, though I paid more attention to the bassist’s leather g-string thong with the silver lame pouch for his package. The guitarist was in a red evening gown, which looked strapping with his broken foot bootie. The singer was sporting black from head to toe with red makeup around his eyes and a red teardrop on each cheek. If you’re emo, shouldn’t you just say so and not list your music as rock/thrash/metal? Just wondering.

Next up was a band called bill. I’ve heard this band’s name around town and know that they are really good at promotion. Still, when they started, their version of alternative rock/funk didn’t really do it for me. I don’t know if they are a Christian band, but some of the lyrics struck me as so. Granted, I was at the show alone and it was raining out and I was nursing the same cocktail I’d ordered during Two Word Name, so I wasn’t really feeling the vibe anyway, but bill didn’t do it for me. Even more frustrating is their MySpace page’s white text on seafoam background that you can’t freaking read.

As much as I wanted to see Orion Frequency, I lasted through about 3 songs of bill and decided it was time to go. I headed east down University to the other side of the world to the Tower Bar just in time to catch the Sess. I love these guys and have seen them before, I only wish I’d bought the earplugs I’ve been eyeing on Insound. The Sess are straightforward rock that reminds me in some off way of Uncle Joe’s Big Ol Driver back in the day, but I’m sure better comparisons could be made. I was just happy to be in a familiar place with a familiar band and familiar faces as my Saturday night came to a close.

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