Thursday, December 21, 2006

Anti Monday League/Vinyl Radio

As has been mentioned for a while, Tim Pyles is moving from Monday nights at the Beauty Bar (poprocks!) to his new Mondays at the Casbah called the Anti-Monday League. This, from CityBeat:
Now that 94/9 DJ Tim Pyles has pulled out as the host of “Pop Rocks” to start
the “Anti-Monday League” at The Casbah on Jan. 8. “It’s nothing personal,”
said Pyles, noting that “Anti-Monday” will focus on local bands. “It’s more
to do with [Casbah owner] Tim Mays reaching out and wanting to do shows that
spotlight new artists like this. I think of [these nights] as a kind of
local farm team for the club.”

I bring this up because the first night features Fifty On Their Heels, The Strikers, Vinyl Radio and Peter and the Wolf on January 8, 2006. Since I've been posting about Vinyl Radio's search for a drummer, Andrew has this to say:

Our constant search for a new drummer is still in the works, and it's looking
like Morgan (Young) might fill in at our next Casbah show on jan. 8th which will be
Tim Pyles' opening night in January. He'll be booking the monday shows
there, calling it the Anti-Monday League, similar to what he did at
the beauty bar when he put together the Local Poprocks shows............

So fear not, the show is still intact, even if the band is not. The loss of Bobby as the drummer has also not prevented the guys from having 2 lengthy recording sessions of late, so expect new material in early '07.


catdirt said...

yeah baby! you should check out peter and the wolf- they are pretty cool. i got him the show... so... check him out! said...

Nice....I'll have to forget to bring any guitars and borrow one from the wolves.

andrea said...

You really like to post about Vinyl Radio, don't you. Are they really that amazingly good? I mean, I've heard some things...