Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kite Flying Society Seeks Bassist

Hello Folks -

KFS is seeking a bassist in the SoCal area interested in touring with us across this great nation and recording parts for our sophomore album which we have recently begun working on.

Some prereqs for the new bassist (male or female, we don't care):

1. Someone who understands and really loves the music we're making -- do you have similar influences? Can you add somethin' pretty to this folk pop sound?

2. Someone who can SING. This is a must! We have tons of soaring harmonies, ooohs and aaahs, etc and we want to emulate our recorded sound as much as possible in our live show.

3. If you can play other instruments (keys, tambourine, glockenspiel, guitar, recorder, what have you) it would be a huge plus. Again, there are tons of sounds and parts that need playing on any given song -- we're looking for a bassist that can do lots of other things.

4. Must be willing to travel! We will be embarking on at least 2 large tours in '07 and several smaller, weekend trips up the coast. If you feel that this won't be a problem in any way, and are dedicated to the lifestyle, we'd love to meet you.

These are the main things we are looking for in a new member. If you're interested, please shoot us a myspace msg -- auditions and such will begin in early January in Balboa Park. Also, Orange County and LA peeps are of course welcome if they are willing to travel to bi-weekly-ish practices in beautiful San Diego.

Hope to hear from you,

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catdirt said...

so does that mean david's out? hello? tantalizing detail... what's the story...