Thursday, December 07, 2006

Things To Do: (Lots of Updates)


  • The Little Ones w/Small Sins @ House of Blues Sidestage. (3 of the members of The Little Ones are from San Diego! Don't miss this set...their EP is getting rave reviews. Catch them before their full album release in '07. Check them as artist of the day at (doors 9:30, show @ 10pm)
  • Free shit: The Donkeys & Ilya @ TNT (Museum of Contemporary Art, Downtown) 7-10p
  • Love Motor @ The Ken Club
  • A Week's Worth & Micromaniacs @ Canes (8pm)
  • The Modlins, Secret Apollo, & Static Halo @ SDSC $5 (the listing in CityBeat lists Oliver Reigns & Secret Apollo only)
  • Aimee Mann's Christmas Show @ Belly Up
  • Ziggy Marley & Skye @ 4th and B (Skye is the original vocalist for Morcheeba)
  • Punk @ The Brass Rail (Noisegod, Nuthin Speshl, Riboflavin, FUNKYjahPUNKIES, Free Confusion)

  • Old Man Hands and Bartender's Bible @ The Whistle Stop
  • ¡Society!, Fifty on Their Heels, Qu'est Que'Cest, Mayan Kings @ Casbah
  • Primus and Gogol Bordello @ Rimac Arena
  • Electric Frankenstein, The Fabulous Rudies, ADHD & The Widows @ The Ken Club
  • Lowcloudcover, Ghost of California, Starcrossed @ Scolari's
  • The Infants, The Utah Country Swillers, & Dead as Dillinger @ Zombie Lounge
  • Fono & Roman Numerals @ Beauty Bar
  • Matt & Kim, Jehovah's Fitness @ Ché Cafe
  • Star 94.1 Jingle Ball
  • Molotov @ Mexitlán (Tijuana)
  • Free shit: South Park Winter Walkabout, 6-10pm. Visit several retailers for specials, sales, snacks, and beverages.
  • And where I'll be: The Pastorela at the Old Globe
  • Ovals of Cassini, Dane Scott & the Panty Peelers, Loose Canon, Juan Peso, the Nate Donnis Trio, and Rice Rokit @ Dreamstreet (4pm)
  • Doomsday Device & Slow Roll @ Coffee House on Broadway (CHOB) 8pm
  • (This one is from Adam of Rookie Card/Blasphemous Guitars):
    ONE NIGHT ONLY!-@ the Ould Sod
    Come see the best live band in San Diego at the city's best little Irish bar. Billy Midnight start rockin' around 9:30 and Adam will join them for a set later in the night. We've been hopping up with each other for years, singing everything from Air Supply to the Byrds. We'll be doing Rookie Card and Billy Midnight classics plus a bunch of fun covers. Haven't seen them with Jason Hee (Buzzkill Romantics, Rookie Card, Bunky, Pinwheels, Marie Haddad Experience, the Pinwheels, Milkley Crue, White Christamas Stripes, Twin Dynamo) on bass yet?! You really should.


  • FM 94/9 Holiday Hootenanny @ Rimac featuring Modest Mouse, The Shins, Pete Yorn and Silversun Pickups. Don't forget, doors are at there early! It's sold out and its General Admission...
  • Hootenanny Pre-party/BBQ on Rimac field (beer available) feat. Delta Spirit 5:30
  • Vinyl Radio & Sirens Sister @ Beauty Bar
  • Buckfast Superbee, Spell Toronto, & The Fascination @ The Casbah
  • Tiltwheel, Lazerwolf, and Thunderbolt @ The Ken Club
  • HiLites, Rice Rockit, and Manganista @ Squid Joe's
  • Some Girls, Fast Forward, Grand Ole Party @ Epicentre
  • Slightly Stoopid w/ Pepper @ 4th and B
  • Creepy Creeps and Ramonas(All girl Ramones cover band)@ Tower Bar
  • The Long and Short of It, The Family Curse, and City Of Whores @ Alibi (FREE)
  • Dub Dance Party @ Habitat (1008 21st Street. Food and Drinks provided. )
  • ¡Panic! at the Disco @ iPayOne Center (Bloc Party CANCELLED)
  • Free shit: Mission Bay Parade of Lights, 7pm
  • Other Free Shit: Grand Opening of Disconnected Salon (3830 30th Street)I saw this on the web, so I decided if it’s posted on MySpace then it ain’t private… Rocco Deluca will be playing solo and DJs Kid Lightning and Notorious R.U.G. (That’s Jamal and Ruggy to you) will be spinning. Here’s a Link to RSVP.
  • Also: There is an open call for "college looking" people for Veronica Mars, held at the Stu Segal studios on Ruffin Road. Check it out here.


  • Menomena, 31 Knots, and Pink Mountaintops @ Casbah ($10)
  • Jimmy Gnecco (of Ours) @ House of Blues -sidestage
  • Chad Farran @ Lestat's
  • Free Shit: Beauty Bar Holiday Party. All resident DJs will be present and the bar is hosted from 9:30-10:30 p.m. How many vodka tonics can I drink in one hour? I don't know but call me a cab!
  • 91X Nightmare Before X-Mas @ iPayOne
  • Peaches @ El Foro (Tijuana)
  • Holiday Craft Fair @ The Whistle Stop 2:30 pm. Local Artists and Crafters.
  • San Diego Bay Parade of Lights. Fireworks @ 5:30, Parade follows.
  • Political Stuff: Town Hall Forum on Presidential Accountability
    Bob Filner (Congressman, 50th District) and Jeeni Criscenzo (Candidate, 49th District), and Marjorie Cohn (incoming President of the National Lawyers Guild) will be present/hosting. Friendship Park, 3rd Avenue, Chula Vista.
    (If anyone wants to go with me, please let me know. We can carpool. I’ll talk my parents into making us food.)

Monday, December 11:

  • Roxy Jones & Sarah Hanson @ Beauty Bar. This is the last Poprocks by Tim Pyles.
  • +44 & The Matches @ Soma
  • Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ Tower Bar.

Tuesday, December 12:

  • Secret Apollo, Merch, and The Mints @ Scolari's
  • The Strays & The Slackers @ Casbah
  • Me First and the Gimme Gimmes @ House of Blues.
  • Karaoke Night @ The Ken Club

The only real question now is when the hell do you plan on sleeping?

See you tonight at TNT & HoB!


Unknown said...

The only problem with a one-hour hosted bar at Beauty Bar: given how packed it will probably be, that's enough time to get 1 drink, maybe 2. Unless they put a little minibar in the back room like they did for their grand opening. That was very helpful.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

True...but hopefully it will be a typical slow Sunday there. Contrary to what Erika had to say in her SignOnSanDiego tastemaker's profile, I've never seen a line longer than 10 people. 300 in line? Nice try.

andrea said...

Scoiety's playing @ The Casbah, NOT at the Beauty Bar where they usually do their thing.

Also, forgot about what should be a fantastic show-- Dead Meadow @ The Casbah on Monday, December 11th! I know I'll be there if I'm still conscious after this weekend's events...