Thursday, December 07, 2006

James Blunt has a blog

Yes, James Blunt has a blog. Daye and I were supposed to get some hookup for this show to see Starsailor, but it fell through. Why does his blog matter to you? See what he says about our Sports Arena...iPayOne Center...

San Diego - November 14th- Hometown to several of our
American touring crew, it was raining heavily as we set off for more breakfast
radio and television. This caused chaos on the roads as it such a rare event in
Southern California, and lead to many accidents and traffic jams. At the NBC
studios, we met another James H Blunt who was one of their security team. He
proved to be a charming man who had suffered much teasing over his name, and we closed the show being interviewed together and swapping his name badge for my tour pass. Off to soundcheck at the I Pay One Arena, which is a rather decrepit place that had been one of the first arenas in America.

We've always known it's the worst venue ever. Poor James had to find out for himself.

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