Saturday, December 23, 2006

bill/The Modlins

So what do I know?? This from the manager of bill (who I will be seeing in January at the Belly Up)

I just found out that bill has been voted one of the
top 25 bands on Myspace by Rolling Stone. Their song Watercolors was nominated
and ended up winning a place on their list out of over 1,700 bands. All the info
about the contest can be found at Just wanted to pass along the good news!

Also, The Modlins have a new album coming out in January, but you can listen to 4 tracks on their myspace page.

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catdirt said...

hi- sorry but i'm going to have to do my own post on this- it's just to hilarious to pass up. although it is reassuring to know that rolling stone is on top the whole "myspace" thing...