Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Random things

I'm feeling sick today which should explain my lack of postings. Sorry. I just have some random stuff today:

1. Rob Crow's third solo album will be out soon. You can pre-order it at Insound. Just don't order it quite yet, because I have a coupon code for you in my e-mail inbox at home that I'll post later.

2. It came to my attention that somebody was unhappy about certain postings on this site, like I'm blowing some big secrets or something. First of all, all of the information I get for posts are through MySpace, local rags like CityBeat and The Reader, and a ton of e-mail newsletters from various artists, radio stations, etc. I read through all the stuff and try to post things that specifically interest me in a more concise manner. I am almost never privy to "secret" information and everyone I know now knows that if they tell me something they don't want published, a disclaimer of "don't write this on your blog" works just fine. Secondly, if you're unhappy about something I've posted, I have all my contact information on this site. You can ask me to take something down and I probably will. Just ask me directly. That is all.

3. Troy Johnson and I met because on my old blog, I had referred to him as a tool, and he sent me a self-depracating e-mail that made me adore him. We've been friends ever since. It taught me something about judging someone before you know them, which we all do a lot of the time. People like Troy and the crew at Fox Rox and Tim Pyles and Scott Riggs and Anya Marina and Halloran and CatDirt and dorky bloggers like me ultimately do what they/we do because we love music. No toes need to be stepped on, there's room for everyone, and "the scene" is a whole lot more fun when you check your attitude at the door and try being nice every once in a while. This is as much for my readers as it is a reminder to myself.

4. If you haven't checked out my new food blog, check out the event I posted for tomorrow. A $12 Sake tasting accompanied with a $10 Sushi platter at Wine Vault. Yum. Me and Andrea are going, are you coming with??

That's really all I've got today. Maybe I need some Airborne or Zicam or something to get this brain ticking again...

I'll say goodbye with another Christmas Song link for you! This one comes from my good friend Adam of Rookie Card. Click on the song called "The Sun Always Shines On Christmas."

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Unknown said...

in re: to #3 on your list. i generally don't talk shit on my blog about specific people unless provoked.

i am glad you have had good experiences with the people you mentioned because i have been the recipient of the opposite from two of those people you mentioned.

because you are so right about all of us loving music. it's the other crap that can make things weird.