Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dialed In, Weighing In On New Year's Eve

CatDirt has a great post about New Year's Eve in San Diego. SignOnSanDiego has listed out a bunch of stuff to do. Today's CityBeat has a comprehensive guide, too, but it looks like they failed to post their guide online so you'll have to pick up a hardcopy.

In the meantime, I weigh in on my New Year's Eve picks:

The Beauty Bar- Republic of Letters and Grand Ole Party, $20, open bar 9-11 pm-
This would be a good pick because I love both bands, but considering I had a panic attack on a regular weekend night at this bar, NYE sounds like a nightmare. Sorry, I won't be there.

The Ken Club- The Creepy Creeps, Thee Corsairs, Monsters From Mars. The Ken Club gets packed every year. You'll probably see me helping out the bar by collecting your dirty glasses and bottles. It's what I do. If you say hi, don't expect me to remember.

The Ould Sod- doing it right, the Ould Sod celebrates the Irish New Year at 4 pm west coast time, so you won't be so drunk that Auld Lang Syne makes you cry.

Dino's- A surprise choice, but the Farmers are playing (as in the Beat Farmers, yo!) $20 advance, $30 at the door, includes 3 drinks plus champagne toast. Counting on Dino's generally poor promotion, there will probably be plenty of room to move. Plus there's that huge lot across the street so you're guaranteed to find parking and can cab home if you need to, leaving your car in a relatively secure place overnight.

Voz Alta/Landord Jim's- An intimate performance by Agua Dulce, DJ Buddha spins. $15 presale, $20 at the door. Admission to both locales. Voz Alta is tiny, so this is kinda like seeing Agua Dulce in a living room. Really.

The Whistle Stop- Komplete Kontrol- dance party, $5.

The Tower Bar- Tiltwheel performing. Who doesn't have fun at The Tower Bar? Big P has a heavy pour. Take a cab. No cost yet, probably count on $5 or $10.

Mostly, I'll be at the Ken Club because it's walking distance from my house, and I never drive anywhere on rookie nights...I'll probably head over just before midnight, after a cozy dinner party at Sara's (upstairs from my apartment). Such has been my tradition as long as I've lived in the neighborhood, and so shall it continue until I move.

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adamg said...

I am saddened, shocked and dismayed to think that your readers don't want to spend $100 to rock out with Cover Me Badd's Blasphemous Guitars and Lady Dottie. Sad.