Friday, December 29, 2006

Republic Of Letters

Because I won't drive on rookie nights, I will not be at the Beauty Bar on New Year's Eve, however, if you're looking for a good crowd, good bands, and good DJs, I highly recommend seeing Grand Ole Party and Republic of Letters on New Year's Eve at the Beauty Bar.

And this, from Republic of Letters

****EP to be released March 2007****
Category: Music

Just a quick blurt about the upcoming record. Republic of Letters will be releasing it debut EP in March 2007. "It been a lot of hard work, but we're super happy with the direction that our sound has taken." says drummer Nick Venti. After months of careful crafting the EP's songs showcase the unique energy that the bands demos displayed, but with a potent relevance and presence. Republic of Letters has taken strides to "give back to music what it has given to us." More to come...

Republic of Letters


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