Thursday, August 02, 2007

San Diego Renaissance Faire This Weekend

Confession #1: When I was little I became obsessed with stones (mostly because that's what my allowance could afford me when going to little shops in Old Town or while on vacation in Nevada) and believed in the "properties" of various crystals and chakras and whatnot. I carried them in a pouch. I think they're still in a box somewhere at my mom's.

Confession #2: I have tried my share of online dating. The worst kind, too: Craig's List dating. No filters, no screening, just blind trust that some creepy guy wasn't gonna cut me into 500 pieces and eat me for dinner. I met some ok guys, but mostly creepy guys that, given the chance, might cut me into 500 pieces. Then there's the "nice guys" who complain that nice guys always finish last but then you date them and there's something you just can't get over...personally those things are 1. video game obsessions 2. soft handshakes and 3. regular attendee of renaissance fairs. It was really embarassing telling a date about a bad prior bad date and the guy being like "what's wrong with renaissance fairs"? oops.

The point of all this is that this weekend is the annual
Renaissance Faire in Balboa Park. Interesting people, food eaten with your bare hands. Have at it.

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adamg said...

That's "ren faire". So much cooler to shorten it.