Thursday, August 02, 2007

You're Fired!

Not really. But I was just laid off from my day job. I know I should be a little more sad about it, but they're paying me for a month to find a new job and I get to go home today. That's a lot of time to enjoy my new niece and to take a break from having to get up so goddamn early in the morning.

If you know or hear of anything, send it my way. In my way, I knew this was coming, which was part of the reason I got my new computer and all that stuff squared away. So don't feel bad for me, just keep your ears perked for opportunities. I do admin here, but am leaning toward re-entry into media buying.

I did my best to get my best to keep my contact lists from my work e-mail, but in the future, all e-mail can be directed to

I'll be at TNT tonight if anyone wants to get me wasted.


Next time you hear from me, I'll be home.

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Reelmandy said...

Boo! Did they find out about your blog? Im bummed for you, losing a job is never fun, but a month off sounds great to me! I'll buy you a beer tonight, or whatever you'd like.