Thursday, August 02, 2007

My Lay Off

So I'm home now and I have no idea where to put all the crap I had at my desk, but I'll figure that out after a nice long nap. It's just weird how sometimes you get a feeling...I didn't know if I'd get fired or laid off, or just leave on my own, but I had the feeling two weeks ago that I needed to get my personal stuff off my computer and I did just that. Today around 11 am I called called in with the principal of my office, the head of HR and the HR manager which makes the purpose of the meeting pretty obvious. So here's the official word:

Dear Rosemary,

Due to lack of projected revenue and business opportunities in the San
Diego Office, XXX has made a business decision to reduce our workforce. We
are giving you 30 days advance notice to provide an opportunity to start looking
for other employment. This reduction in force will occur on August 2, 2007
however, XXX will keep you as an active employee until September 4, 2007 with
regular pay. (...)

So no, it wasn't the blog and it wasn't my performance. Maybe in a week or two I'll panic, but right now I can't help but be excited at possible opportunities out there just waiting for me.

And I especially appreciate that I can go lie down and take a nap. I'll be at TNT and the Ken Club tonight and also look forward to lots of time with my niece. Cheers to everyone and ciao for now.


Natalie said...

well, i didn't get fired (i don't think they can do that to grad students), but my boss just told us today that the lab is moving to san francisco. don't know details like timeline yet, but i pretty much have to go too. and so ends a three-month-long guessing game since he first announced he was thinking about it.

i probably will also be at TNT tonight, and definitely will be in need of alcohol...

JME said...

Rosie! Too blog illiterate to find out if this happened today or yesterday (I think it was today...) but hey! I just know that good things are perculating for you. They've got to be. You are very savvy and charismatic. Cheers for better things to come!

al said...

You've got a great situation. Not only do you have a month of pay without any real obligation to do anything, but you can also start getting your paperwork together to collect unemployment next month! Woot! Six month vacation!!! =)

Reelmandy said...

I'll keep my ears open for jobs that you get to sit at a desk and blog all day. awesome...

Heather Ace said...

I got laid off too Rosie, sort of, my boss wants to put moneda into San Diego House Parties, which will soon be known as The Number Nines. Now Im working some shit office job to pay the gonna get really drunk tonight because of it, even though I got laid off a week and half ago....haha