Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego Fires: A Good Reason To Stop Blackwater

If you have been following the efforts of Blackwater to create a facility in Potrero, you will know that many San Diegans have been blindsided by the plans for the mercenary corporation to build here. These fires are just another reason why the facility is just a bad idea. To join the Courage Campaign and sign petitions to Senators Feinstein and Boxer to tell them we do not want Blackwater here, CLICK HERE.

From The Courage Campaign:

...I keep thinking about the good people of Potrero -- a serene small community
in East San Diego County -- that I met just a few weeks ago as we rallied
together to block Blackwater from building a base in their tiny, beautiful town.

These concerned community members have been working for months to stop
Blackwater from building a mercenary training facility on 824 acres, consisting
of 11 firing ranges, a helipad, and an emergency vehicle operator's course
covering the equivalent of 10 football fields. As we watch the fire burn across
the area today, one can only imagine what might have happened if an armory full
of ammunition and explosives were located inside this box canyon.

...Beyond the damage and destruction to life and property, the timing of
this wildfire could not be much worse. This fire exploded just as the people of
Potrero were preparing for a recall election on December 11 to kick out the
planning group members who approved Blackwater's base. With ballots scheduled to be mailed in early November to less than 600 registered voters in this historic
vote-by-mail recall, Potrero residents were preparing for an intense campaign
over the next six weeks.

Help Stop Blackwater Today.


K T Cat said...

What a sickening effort to politicize the fires. Everyone else is working to help others and you're posting crap like this. You need help.

Rosemary Bystrak said...

You're so right. How dare I express personal commentary on my personal website that I do on my own time without profit.

Unknown said...

The timing of the fires is no less coincident than the terror drills that turned live on 9/11. same scenario in london 7/7. amazing coincidence. amazing that a community said no to blackwater, then after orgainzing a recall was set on fire. it is no stretch and for those of us who are deeply involved in following the events of these killers it seems like a pretty good possibility that the bush killers were involved in arson here. they lie, cheat, steal, kill, rob (katrina) burn (oregon fires just prior to vote on forestry bill). These bastards deserve nothing less than a few well placed bullets. make no mistake, this fire was pay back. why do you think the democrats-- all of them are held at bay. they are being threatened, blackmailed, etc. open your eyes

Unknown said...

more on blackwater connection.