Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires: Governor Schwarzenegger & Michael Chertoff

While I wait for this press conference, I'll let you know that San Diego will be graced with the presence of George W Bush Thursday. yippee. Let me pre quote. "You will have all the resources you need. We will rebuild." (ahem. see Iraq. see Katrina.)

Here we go:

Thank you, blah blah. Duncan Hunter- absent.
This disaster has been "doable" because of immediate action and cooperation among all government agencies, law enforcement, firefighters ("the best trained in the world"), the federal government, etc.

"It made me feel so good that President Bush called. 'Just let us know what you need'."

Michael Chertoff:
More thanks. Introduce head of the Red Cross.
Disaster declaration in the works.
wow. He said nothing.

David Paulison (FEMA Administrator):
This versus Katrina. We learned from 2003 fires.
"Nobody does disaster better than California."
The leadership, cooperation, blah blah. Going in as partners. Impressed with volunteers. Thank you and God Bless.

Steve Poisner (State Insurance Commissioner):
Top responsibility is to help victims.
3 steps to get victims back on their feet
1. Consumer services experts will be on the ground to help people get paid.
2. Deploy fraud investigators to prevent cons from victimizing victims
3. Expedite payments to victims to cover expenses and needs.
People can call 1-800-927-HELP for insurance help.

Mayor Sanders:
4 trucks from Tijuana have been sent. CFE, the Mexican energy authority, is supplying energy to our grid.
People treated as VIPs at this shelter. We welcome the partnership.

Speaker Nunez:
Unity, this brought everyone together. Assistance, volunteers wanna make a difference. "I gotta tell you..." Resources from state and federal help really means a lot.

(ooh, weird camera shot of evacuees behind steel grates.)

Governor Schwarzenegger:
more thanks to volunteers, companies and corporations who donated supplies.
"Mayor, you've shown unbelievable leadership."

Michael Chertoff:
What's the situation at the border?
"Anyone trying to cross the border with fires would be foolish." National Guard has been pulled off the border, but have been backfilled with Border Patrol. The border is covered.

What would you say?
Hug your loved ones and be thankful you survived. Look around and see how the community supports you. Then we'll getting around to helping.

Is there a price tag for the help?
Yes, the president is coming. No, no preliminary figures.

This is going to be a major hit on the economy. We will go all out to help.

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