Friday, October 26, 2007

Addendum: Things To Do

I just wanted to highlight a couple things I missed on my Things to Do list this week, or highlight some of the shows there...

First, if you are going to The Pogues show tonight, be sure to catch the opener, William Elliott Whitmore. He is an amazing musician who has toured with Lucero and Rocky Votolato among others. Not to mention to the ladies, he's drop dead sexy. I wish I had pics, but the last time I saw him was when I still had my other blog so no such luck. He plays this really soulful bluesy folk music and is usually onstage alone with his banjo and his heavy heeled stomping shoes. I imagine for this tour he might have a full band or at least have others from the headliner join him onstage for a couple tunes, but I have no idea. Still, make sure you check him out.

Saturday night there are a ton of Halloweenie related things happening, but if you're in the vicinity of OB, check out Newport art/shop walk in OB. My friends over at Infectious Threads will be showing some art.

Here is some info on the artists:

Selina Calvo was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She has shown in such venues like the Voz Alta Gallery, Centro Cultural de la Raza, and Chicano Perk Café. She is also featured on the website ABLA (Art By Latina Artist) here.

Chikle was born and raised in San Diego, California by a pair of brave and beautiful Mexican Immigrants, he began screen-printing in 1995. Chikle has exhibited his work at the ICE Gallery, the San Diego Art Institute, the VozAlta Project, Centro Cultural de la Raza en San Diego, 24K Gallery.

Ricardo Islas was born in 1970 in Calexico, California. Ricardo has been painting for 7 years with themes dealing mostly with Mexican and/or Chicano Culture and Experience, Ricardo has participated in over 40 shows in San Diego County as well as exhibiting in other parts of the country.

Also showing is Sonia Chavez… I couldn’t get a bio from her in time…

On the same night I'll be helping out at a private Halloween party at the San Diego Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club, but since I'm workin', if anyone would like to attend, feel free to contact me and I'll make sure you're on the list. I can only get a small few in, but hit me up and I'll do my best to hook it up. The party is on Saturday night and I'll be there from about 7:30 to at least 10:30 and might ended up hanging out the remainder of the night depending on how things go.

Last, I don't usually get into events beyond Sunday, but if you have the time on Monday, please, please, please come to the Ken Club. It's the annual benefit for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and Pete is hosting again. For anyone who doesn't know, Pete lost his father to Leukemia and the charity is obviously close to him. He'll be bartending, there will be raffles and drinks and music and good times. Even if you can only bring a couple bucks and hang for a short time, every donation makes a difference.

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