Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Next Chapter: I Said Yes

Before I was laid off in August, I got a call from an old co-worker. She'd seen the article about me in the Union Trib and called to congratulate me and catch up. When I asked about the office, she told me they'd moved from Sorrento Valley to Fashion Valley and were doing well. She told me the office was expanding.

That got my wheels turning and I informally met with the office to see if they might have room for me again. "Maybe" was the answer I got back then.

Shortly after that, I was laid off and sent them an e-mail to let them know that I was 100% available, but nothing panned out.

This week, I got a call asking about my situation and they asked me to come in yesterday. I was so excited. Unfortunately, the salary wasn't quite where I thought it would be. The wind was definitely knocked out of my sail. I felt defeated and in a quandary- if they offered the job, should I take it? The pros being I worked there 7 years, that it's the biz I wanna be in, that I'd be working with people I already know and love, the big con being that I work for less than the salary I was making at my last job. My family urged me that getting back into the industry was important, though I think they picture me sitting on my butt at home and were concerned.

Today I got the call- they were able to bring the pay up closer to what I was making, they've got great benefits, and I'll be coming in as a 7 year employee, which matters in seniority as well as the amount of vacation time I'll be getting.
So there it is. I accepted the job. I start tomorrow.
I guess the party is over. I'll still be out, and will still be covering the local scene, but there won't be any daytime blogging, except possibly before work or on lunchbreaks. I still wish I could find a way for this site to be my primary focus and generate income, but at this time that is just not happening.

I'm rejoining the productive members of society. Wish me luck.

Oh, and with my new spiff haircut:


andrea said...

Congrats, Rosey! A step in the right direction for sure... And don't worry, we'll help you cover your bar tab. :-)
And your haricut, and that pic, is awesome.

lyn said...

congrats on the J-O-B. and your hair looks fab.

francine. said...

congrats and good luck, rosey! and, as you know, I love the new 'do!

JME said...

your haircut looks sooooooo cute!!!! it truly does! stunning.

petro said...

Congradulations!!! And I must say again your haircut is awsome! I love it!

JME said...
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al said...

My condolences about losing all your free time... =)

Nice hair!