Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday: Halloween Craziness

Saturday night found me back at the Boat & Ski Club where I was helping out. There was a huge party and the club had intended to have an ATM machine, but since it didn't come, I was posted up at the credit swiper to get people cash. Since I already posted the pics, I'll just say I had no idea how huge the party was going to be. I would estimate there were a ton of people, all dancing and drinking the night away between the front room, the main bar area, and the outdoor grass and tented area.

In the room I was in, the first DJ was playing some electro/techno stuff. Basically the equivalent of waterboarding, if you ask me. Hey DJ, can you play that one song that goes, "nn-cha. nn-cha. nn-cha"? Oh, no, not that one. The other one... I was happy when the music switched to actual songs with lyrics, even if they did flash me back to high school years at Mr. Crown's and The House in Tijuana. Black Sheep, Cypress Hill...I can roll with that.

My post ran smoothly, I had a couple 19 year old guys helping me out so I never actually had to touch cash which I preferred. Most of the people were really cool, but it was funny watching people on the dance floor, and just from a psych 101 perspective. There were the girls, pulling out $20 at a time, then the guys who were there to chill with friends, also pulling out only $20 or $40 to cover their own drinks. Then there were the dudes that you knew were "ballers" or at least trying to be, pulling out $100, $160, or $200 at a time, presumably buying drinks for any hot chick they could get near.

Everyone was really nice to me although it was definitely not my kinda crowd and not my kinda music. And frankly, at times, I just felt a lot older than the party people in the house. I do have to give a shout out to the guy whose card wasn't scanning because of an encryption error who was so grateful when his card finally scanned that he bought me a drink. Since the bar was in the other room, I had my 19 year old security sidekick watch me. "If I start getting loopy, really chatty, or my clothes start coming off, then that guy might've roofied me. Just keep an eye out." My drink was splendid and I was most certainly not roofied, so to you guy, thanks for the beverage. You were awesome.

I doled out a lot of cash and my line eventually dwindled so we closed up my area. I watched the costume contest, walked around the outdoor area snapping some pics, and eventually headed back to the hood. I have to give a huge thank you to Lynn, Troy, Josh and all the others who made me feel at home in an environment where I might've felt less so had you not been there.

When I made it back to Kensington, the Creepy Creeps were wrapping up and I hung out with my costumed friends to close the night. Personally, I've never been that big on Halloween, but it was fun to see everyone's costumes over the last few days. After tonight, however, I'm looking forward to the end of costumes and the annual transformation of the Ken Club to a warm and fuzzy space chock full of Christmas ornamentaion.

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